Not Just Another Day (#27)

Today was far from just another day. You’re alive. You’re breathing. There’s a lot to be grateful for.


Today I’m grateful for…

  1. Warm laundry
  2. Pickup basketball and time at the gym
  3. My peer mentors and time in Kennedy
  4. People who want to see me succeed
  5. My family
  6. The New England Patriots and the memories I have with my dad
  7. Good music on Spotify
  8. Fresh fruit
  9. A really great supervisor
  10. Classes I’m interested in
  11. Making new friends
  12. Naps
  13. Nature and our environment
  14. Learning new things
  15. Lucky Ones, a song about gratitude
  16. Orange slices at halftime
  17. Delivery drivers
  18. Bandaids with cool designs
  19. Peanut butter
  20. My trip to LA
  21. Backyard football the computer game
  22. A chance to travel internationally
  23. Water for Cambodia
  24. Good headphones
  25. This present moment

As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

Featured image, Matador beach at sunset! The end to a pretty great day. Nothing like the ocean breeze.

Author: Jacob Ames

Feline father, perpetual graduate student, sport enthusiast, pancake expert, and gratitude writer. Using this blog to keep my life organized and to develop a platform I can one day use to share baseless conspiracy theories about the robot uprising. I enjoy writing!

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