The Silver Lining (#159)

On a day when things went from bad to worse, I found gratitude at the end of it. I’m still here. I’m still alive. I’m still surrounded and supported by people who love me. Everything else, really just pales in comparison.


Today I’m Grateful For…

  1. Kind old ladies and good conversation
  2. Convenient taxies
  3. Being exactly where I’m supposed to be
  4. My family
  5. Time to FaceTime
  6. Good snacks
  7. Talking things out
  8. My cat, Ned 🙂
  9. Clean water
  10. Naps whenever I can take them
  11. A little understanding
  12. Learning and lots of it
  13. Time to journal
  14. Great storytelling
  15. My time in Iceland
  16. Seeing Stenie in London
  17. Sports and brining people together
  18. My favorite hoodie
  19. Countdowns to football season
  20. Delicious smoothies
  21. Good music
  22. A couple deep breaths
  23. Time for hiking
  24. My friends who helped me get here
  25. This very moment

As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

Featured image of my cat Ned. Man do I miss him sometimes.

Author: Jacob Ames

Feline father, perpetual graduate student, sport enthusiast, pancake expert, and gratitude writer. Using this blog to keep my life organized and to develop a platform I can one day use to share baseless conspiracy theories about the robot uprising. I enjoy writing!

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