My Best Bet (#199)

There are no guarantees in life. It means there’s a lot of trust involved in our lives whether we like it or not. We trust the sun will come up the next day. We trust we’re where we should be in life. If this is the case, I think my best bet is to accept the things I cannot control and live my life patiently with positivity and gratitude. 07.09.18

Today I’m Grateful For…

  1. Walking meditation
  2. The sound of birds in the morning
  3. The warmth of the sun
  4. Making music
  5. My Peer Mentors at UMass
  6. Spontaneous dancing
  7. Patience
  8. Intentionality and meaning
  9. My Family and my cat Ned
  10. Cheesy Kraft Mac and Cheese
  11. My audiobooks and podcasts
  12. Time at the gym
  13. Summers working as a camp counselor
  14. Long drives and songs to sing
  15. How each breath feels like a blessing
  16. Time to watch the clouds roll by
  17. Games in the yard
  18. The sound of seagulls walking to the water
  19. Pleasant dreams and sleep
  20. Summer hikes and Chipotle
  21. Sleeping next to my cat Ned
  22. Life lessons
  23. My coaches and mentors
  24. Discover Weekly from Spotify
  25. The here and now
  • As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.Featured image of Ned curled up. People love the pictures of my cat and I love sharing them!

    Author: Jacob Ames

    Feline father, perpetual graduate student, sport enthusiast, pancake expert, and gratitude writer. Using this blog to keep my life organized and to develop a platform I can one day use to share baseless conspiracy theories about the robot uprising. I enjoy writing!

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