Stick Together (#294)

My brother came to visit. That alone brings me happiness but we had a great day together as well. He’s in his first year of college and going through all the same challenges I did. We’re alike in a lot of ways so I’m not surprised.

Grateful I’m able to support him and I’m grateful for the time we spend together.


Today I’m Grateful For…

  1. Basketball in the driveway
  2. Time with my cat
  3. Home cooked meals
  4. Shared anything
  5. Walks around the pond with my grandma
  6. Leadership lessons
  7. FIFA with my friends after practice
  8. Feeling the rain on my skin
  9. Trust in the Universe
  10. Clear skies on summer nights
  11. Tattoo stories
  12. Community and getting involved at BSU
  13. Dancing in the street
  14. Rolling down the Shea Durgin hill
  15. Red bag adventures
  16. Learning about my purpose
  17. Refereeing weekends
  18. Mentors and supporters
  19. Clean water
  20. My friend Neth in Cambodia
  21. Time to read
  22. Comfy pillows
  23. Talking it out
  24. Piano lessons
  25. The present moment

As always, check out my first blog 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

Featured image of a beautiful day. Wish my

Phone could capture the color of the trees.

Author: Jacob Ames

Feline father, perpetual graduate student, sport enthusiast, pancake expert, and gratitude writer. Using this blog to keep my life organized and to develop a platform I can one day use to share baseless conspiracy theories about the robot uprising. I enjoy writing!

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