The Power of Gratitude (#323)

Through reflection, I’m at peace.

Each breath bringing me back to the present.

A flurry of thoughts, scattered.

The past. The present. The future.

Gratitude. Appreciation. Love.

For the many places I’ve been. For the lessons I’ve learned. For the challenges I’ve overcome.

Gratitude and growth go hand in hand on this winding journey.


Today I’m Grateful For…

  1. Quiet mornings
  2. The sound of rain falling on my window
  3. Comfy pillows and slippers
  4. A clear night sky to see the stars
  5. Wonderful stories
  6. Time to journal and reflect
  7. Staying on track
  8. Runs before the sunrise
  9. Lessons learned
  10. Signs from the Universe
  11. My family
  12. A few deep breaths
  13. Home cooked meals
  14. Time to read
  15. Walks through the state park
  16. Safe travels
  17. Productive time
  18. Shared laughter
  19. A clean apartment
  20. Summer’s working Orientation
  21. My staff and co-workers at UMass
  22. Vibrant sunsets
  23. Clean water and Cambodia friends
  24. My cat, Ned
  25. The precious present

As always, check out my first blog 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

If you’re interested in Guest Blogging for the Gratitude Journal, click (here)!

Featured image from a winter hike last year.

Author: Jacob Ames

Feline father, perpetual graduate student, sport enthusiast, pancake expert, and gratitude writer. Using this blog to keep my life organized and to develop a platform I can one day use to share baseless conspiracy theories about the robot uprising. I enjoy writing!

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