About Me


Hey, this is me!

I’m 24 years old and in love with the idea of sharing gratitude. For the past year, I’ve been writing daily about 25 random things I’m grateful for. Whether that’s; a good song, a home cooked meal, a feeling from the day, or change in scenery, I try to find gratitude in every moment.

Gratitude for me has changed my life. It provides a positive perspective in an ever-changing world. This practice has helped ground me in a present mindset and take on each day as its own challenge. Sharing gratitude is that much better. I hope by writing my list, I can encourage others to think about what they may be grateful for in their own lives.

I’m currently a Master’s student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I hope to one day work in the K-12 school systems and impact others through education. My experiences abroad have left me craving more. I miss working in places like Cambodia and the UK and hope to return one day, eager to lend a hand.

I’m grateful for each and every breath I take and it’s brought new purpose into my life. If you’re interested in learning more about my story, my passions, or my cat Ned, email me at (jakehames@gmail.com).