The Things I Can’t Control (#208)

I can work hard 9-5, type until my hands and wrists are fatigued. I can actively reach out to my friends when I’m in need of support. But, there are things in life we can’t control.

I’m grateful when those things not only go well but highlight meaning or purpose. It’s important for me to recognize them as a higher power, the Universe, to strengthen my belief in what I can’t explain. Sometimes these signs are worth listening to and sometimes I just feel lucky. Whatever the reason may be, I’m grateful to be exactly where I am.


Today I’m Grateful For…

  1. Yoga and meditation
  2. Patient tutoring
  3. When things go well
  4. School spirit
  5. Working as an RA
  6. Landscaping with my friends in the summer
  7. Walks into Colchester
  8. Time at the gym
  9. Walks around the pond with my grandma
  10. A calm breeze
  11. Shared laughter
  12. Understanding
  13. Monopoly nights with my family
  14. Fond memories
  15. Practice after school
  16. Time to journal
  17. Texts from Home
  18. Quiet confidence
  19. Colorful sunrises
  20. Bridgewater State University
  21. Pleasant surprises
  22. Honest people
  23. The Universe
  24. People who inspire
  25. The present moment
  • As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    I’ve done a lot of traveling this summer and I’m grateful I’ve made it safely everywhere I’ve gone. Thank goodness for that.

    “The Outcome Is Not The Outcome” (#190)

    I was listening to my new favorite podcast “Tribe of Mentors” and this was one of the quotes.

    “The outcome is not the outcome”.

    I think this quote stands out to me because I’ve seen it in my own life. Despite what happens in life, what we go through, what we accomplish, the world turns on. Successes, failures, change, it’s all constantly occurring leading us to new outcomes and learning moments.

    I think this is why gratitude can be so important. We can recognize how far we’ve come. When we were at our lowest, what it took to climb out because we know we can keep going. All we need to remember is to take it one day at a time.


    Today I’m Grateful For…

    1. The month of June
    2. Time to journal
    3. Safe travels
    4. This week with my brother. Having him here really made transitioning back to England that much easier.
    5. Drake’s new album Scorpion and talking about it with my friends
    6. Catching up
    7. FaceTimes with friends and family
    8. Clean water
    9. Healthy habits
    10. Trust and honesty
    11. My red hiking bag and the places it goes
    12. Warm covers on cold nights
    13. Signs from the Universe
    14. What hard work brings
    15. My process
    16. Walks into town
    17. New beginnings
    18. A clean room
    19. Audiobooks and podcasts
    20. My family
    21. Summer on the cape
    22. Moments of learning
    23. Early morning runs
    24. Good health
    25. The present moment

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image from our travels to Liverpool. Thought the reflection looked cool.

    A Moment To Reflect And Breath (#126)

    I was disappointed in myself for missing a couple of days of blogging. I’d like to think I kept my gratitude promise by writing for those days today but I know it’s not the same thing. It shouldn’t matter that I published the blog a couple of days late because it was never about posting every day or proving I can write 365 blogs. I didn’t start writing about gratitude to quantify a list of things I have. It’s not about the stuff on the list, or how many there are. It’s about the feeling each list item brings. So that’s why I’ll keep writing about gratitude. I believe in the power of thankfulness and hope sharing mine can inspire more.

    I recognize I hold a lot of privilege in my identities and opportunities. Sometimes preaching gratitude feels like I’m just simply advertising my advantages. I think like every feeling or emotion, we all feel it differently. The way I feel and express gratitude will be different than how others do the same.

    Albeit small, I want to use this platform to bring positivity into this world and inspire others any way I can.


    Today I’m Grateful For…

    1. My dad coaching my teams growing up
    2. Orange juice in the morning
    3. Deep conversation
    4. Our existence
    5. Trying something new
    6. A platform to share my thoughts
    7. My fraternity brothers and goodbyes
    8. The sound of birds chirping in the morning
    9. Tattoo stories
    10. Meeting new people
    11. A couple deep breaths
    12. Bryan Gammon, one of my best friends
    13. The calming rain and how it feels when it lands on my skin
    14. Passion and energy
    15. My job here at UMass
    16. Summer walks through the state park
    17. Nights on the beach
    18. Night time stretches
    19. Listening to my parents tell old stories
    20. Letting go
    21. Good self-care
    22. Coming home to my cat
    23. Clean water
    24. Support and encouragement

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image is my own this time! A silhouette I took on the beach in California. Truly, a great day.

    Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way (#101)


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. Indoor soccer
    2. When my cat greets me at the door
    3. New music from my discover weekly
    4. A good run to clear my head
    5. Eating healthy and feeling good
    6. Change
    7. Good teammates
    8. Road trips with friends
    9. Learning a new language
    10. For reflection and moments I work on myself
    11. Working through “stuff” with people
    12. Talking about life during the Dream Team Meetings on Tuesday’s
    13. A good 24/7 Diner
    14. My family on the west coast
    15. Uncooked s’mores….yes I eat each part separately
    16. Leather recliner seats at the movies
    17. Summer Camp
    18. Sleeping in
    19. A productive day in the office
    20. Being focused and organized
    21. Tools for meditation
    22. What patience brings
    23. Pleasant surprises
    24. When I can support my friends
    25. This very moment

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image of a brick building in NY. Grateful for my internship with Swift Kick and my sister for letting me stay with her.

    Be Kind To Yourself (#99)

    You don’t always have to be so hard on yourself, even when you fail. Be grateful for the opportunity! Saying “try, try again” exists for a reason and sometimes we don’t get things right the first time. That includes how we treat others. Giving people a little bit of grace and time to fix a mistake may just result in some gratitude coming your way. Be patient with your process and theirs.


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. I’m not a huge fan of April Fool’s Day and I managed to make it without being pranked all day!
    2. The smell of protein powder after the gym
    3. To be able to volunteer and serve my community
    4. A good album to listen through front to back
    5. The highly anticipated Liverpool v City match on Wednesday
    6. New mentors and networks
    7. Working towards something bigger
    8. A higher power that exists within the Universe
    9. My siblings and my family
    10. Back massages
    11. Clean water
    12. Early bed times
    13. Feeling prepared
    14. Cat cuddles
    15. Time for hiking and photography
    16. Help planning my trip to Iceland and the UK
    17. Trust and honesty
    18. A few deep breaths and some patience
    19. Life lessons
    20. Summer jobs with my friends and days at the beach
    21. The warmth of the sun
    22. FaceTimes with my friends from BSU
    23. For Grad School and learning new things
    24. All of my supervisors, the good and the bad
    25. Today and every day on this planet

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image of the mouth to a small lake. One of the hikes I did this past summer with Lucas and mike.

    Life is About Exploration! (#88)


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. Actually having class today
    2. Time for the Gym
    3. My Brother’s Art
    4. Talks about Life
    5. Tattoo Stories
    6. Carpooling with Carley to Class
    7. A Clean Apartment
    8. The Sunshine
    9. Spending time with my Uncle when I needed support
    10. Soccer in the backyard with my brother
    11. Feeding the ducks with my grandma when I was younger
    12. A couple deep breaths
    13. My family
    14. Photography Tips and Tricks
    15. Learning from past mistakes
    16. A rainy day indoors
    17. When my cat greets me at the door
    18. Orange slices at halftime
    19. Cool Ranch (blue bag) Doritos more than Nacho Cheese (red bag) Doritos
    20. Learning how to square dance
    21. When ocean and lake fish leave me alone
    22. When my beard keeps my face warm
    23. My amazing staff
    24. Warm socks
    25. This very moment

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image of my Uncle exploring the beach in Malibu. I’m grateful he’s been coming home and taking care of his mom, my grandma. She really appreciates it.

    Share It Out Loud (#54)

    Writing gratitude is useful but telling others is when it holds the most value. A reminder never hurt anyone how grateful you are for their existence.


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. My supervisor Adam
    2. Rock climbing with Erika
    3. Time for the gym
    4. The kind employees that left EMS open for me as I rushed in 10 minutes before close
    5. Clear instructions with grad work
    6. Coming home to my cat, Ned
    7. The long weekend with my family
    8. Laughing with my peer mentors
    9. Spotify new music Friday
    10. Old movies with my dad
    11. Sledding in the winter
    12. The warmer weather
    13. The promise of Spring
    14. Growing up with my siblings
    15. AIM Chats
    16. Sharing gratitude
    17. Morning yoga and stretches
    18. Chapters in my life
    19. Learning
    20. A couple deep breaths
    21. What patience brings
    22. Lessons my parents taught me
    23. A roof over my head
    24. People who have helped me get here
    25. This very moment

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image of the night I made a change in my life.

    Not Just Another Day (#27)

    Today was far from just another day. You’re alive. You’re breathing. There’s a lot to be grateful for.


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. Warm laundry
    2. Pickup basketball and time at the gym
    3. My peer mentors and time in Kennedy
    4. People who want to see me succeed
    5. My family
    6. The New England Patriots and the memories I have with my dad
    7. Good music on Spotify
    8. Fresh fruit
    9. A really great supervisor
    10. Classes I’m interested in
    11. Making new friends
    12. Naps
    13. Nature and our environment
    14. Learning new things
    15. Lucky Ones, a song about gratitude
    16. Orange slices at halftime
    17. Delivery drivers
    18. Bandaids with cool designs
    19. Peanut butter
    20. My trip to LA
    21. Backyard football the computer game
    22. A chance to travel internationally
    23. Water for Cambodia
    24. Good headphones
    25. This present moment

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image, Matador beach at sunset! The end to a pretty great day. Nothing like the ocean breeze.

    One Day At A Time (#25)

    Dreams and aspirations can feel heavy when it doesn’t feel like we’re making any progress. It’s why people drop their expectations and start to give up on their goals. There’s no magic word or phrase I can use to motivate you but I can remind you to be patient.

    Take it one day at a time, remember to breath, and you’ll get there. Speak it into your existence and remind yourself what you’re working for. Be present for each moment and just see what happens.


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. The CD my dad made for me when I turned 10 with all his favorite songs
    2. Snow day delays
    3. My friend, Erika! She always brings a smile to my face. Also she got me this awesome frame of Ned lol
    4. Big comfy sweatshirts
    5. Tattoo stories
    6. UMass Amherst
    7. Time with my new Peer Mentors
    8. Sushi at Hamp
    9. My family
    10. Vance Joy, ‘Dream Your Life Away’ album
    11. Weddings and sunshine
    12. The ocean
    13. Double sessions for soccer
    14. Basketball at the gym
    15. These headphones
    16. My sister’s food recommendations
    17. Making mistakes
    18. Family road trips and books on tape
    19. Water
    20. Sleeping on a bed I finally fit on
    21. That time my uncle dressed up like a lobster for my beach themed birthday party
    22. My friends who are going to become educators
    23. Triathlon training team
    24. Late night cups of V8 with my mom
    25. This very moment!!!

    As always, check out my first blog, 25 Things I’m Grateful For (#1) to know why I’m writing this list and why I want you to start yours.

    Featured image, my friends and I spent the day at the beach and were greeted by a cool breeze and a bright blue sky. We walked that beach for miles!

    Why Reflection Is Important (#15)

    Tonight is my last night in Los Angeles and there is a lot to be grateful for. Each day was beholden and full of new learning, new experiences, and new people. This was so far from what I expected when I got on a plane two days after booking my flight and planning my trip.


    I need to thank my Uncle Jeff and Karen for letting me stay with them for this amount of time. Typically, I only see my Uncle on Christmas so spending this time with him and connecting with my family has been incredible. Karen has been such a bright light and we have had numerous conversations about life and spirituality that I will remember and appreciate.

    DSC_0240.JPGI want to talk about reflection because it is an essential part of learning. You don’t need to journal daily or write a blog about your day, but it is important to think back on experiences you’ve had and what you took from them. Maybe those instances did align with your expectations, maybe it was completely different similar to my situation. Whatever it was, learning happens when we go over what was presented. It almost is like homework for yourself in a sense to remember everything that happened in a day but can be crucial to your own development.

    fullsizeoutput_3852I got to do so many cool things this week in LA and will definitely be making time to come back and visit again. We meditated every morning, I tried new foods and drank more tea. I was open to new experiences and because of that, I felt like I got more out of the trip. There were times my Uncle and I didn’t see eye to eye but we were both spending real time together for the first time in our lives as adults. There are things I’m going to hold on to and bring back to Massachusetts that I want to share with my friends and staff. I’m grateful for so many conversations that changed my perspective and opened my mind.


    Tomorrow I head back to Massachusetts to start up my second semester of Graduate School. Going to LA for a week was a great escape but I am excited to come home. In many different ways, my 2018 starts again. I’m excited about the new opportunities and challenges with my staff, with my family, and with my friends. I’m excited about new learning and fun memories with all of those same people. I just have to remind myself to be patient and take it all one day at a time in the process.


    Today I’m grateful for…

    1. Flourless chocolate cake
    2. Playing soccer growing up
    3. A day at the spa
    4. My family
    5. In N Out Cheeseburgers
    6. Comfy sweatshirts
    7. The neck pillow I’ll use to sleep on the plane
    8. Late night diners
    9. New Music Friday and Spotify Discover Weekly
    10. Time at the gym
    11. Waking up moments before my alarm to turn it off before it wakes me up
    12. The feeling after 10 deep breaths
    13. My time in Los Angeles with my Uncle, Karen, Erica, and my dog cousin Shayna
    14. Clear days and starry nights
    15. Dinsey and Pixar animated movies
    16. New England sports teams
    17. Having my mom work at the school that I attended K-12
    18. Whenever my brother sends me his artwork
    19. Happy dreams and unmistakable signs from the Universe
    20. A good pencil box in elementary school
    21. My mom’s cooking
    22. My student staff that I work with at UMass Amherst
    23. Patient people
    24. My newest pair of noise cancelling headphones
    25. My west coast adventure and the people who made it special